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Goalkeeper Training

Snohomish United offers a year-round, age-specific Goalkeeper Training Program from U10 and up, designed to nurture the essential skills required for success in this specialized position. Our inclusive program provides training and instruction at no extra cost to the player. Gone are the days when a goalkeeper's role was overshadowed; today, we recognize their crucial contribution.

We believe that every player's development matters, and the goalkeeper holds a unique and vital role within the team. Indeed, a goalkeeper's performance can often determine the outcome of a game.

Our dedicated Goalkeeping Head Coach is committed to cultivating the technical, tactical, mental, and physical attributes necessary for success in this position. They conduct position-specific training session once a week to ensure a holistic approach to player development. Regardless of their team's training schedule, goalkeepers are required to attend Goalkeeper training to enhance their skills and contribute to their team's success.

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